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About PT Thorcon Power Indonesia  

PT ThorCon Power Indonesia was founded in 2021 as a totally owned foreign direct investment company (PMA) by ThorCon International Pte, Ltd, which has had a Representative Office in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2018 and was previously known as Martingale Inc from 2015 to 2018. PT ThorCon Power Indonesia is based in Jakarta’s World Trade Center Building complex and employs 13 people with a variety of technical backgrounds.   

ThorCon has signed several Agreements and MOUs with various stakeholders in the energy and nuclear sector, including universities and state-owned companies, through its Representative Office of ThorCon International, Pte. Ltd. It has also engaged and has had extensive communication practically with every Government Ministries and Institutions involved in the energy and nuclear sector as well as many Provincial Governments and the Energy Commission of the Indonesian House of Representatives. 

ThorCon has gained good traction with the Indonesian Government as the only nuclear firm operating in Indonesia which proposing to build a Nuclear Power Plant with private investment, as evidenced by the Government’s recommendation letter to ThorCon to prepare for the implementation of TMSR500 project. With these matters above, ThorCon has to be potentially become the first company to build and operate Indonesian first Nuclear Power Plant. 

About ThorCon International Pte, Ltd. 

ThorCon International, Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based special purpose company which established for the purpose of financing the $USD 1,2 billion Indonesia project. ThorCon US Inc. and private investors owned a portion of the corporation. The CEO of ThorCon International, Pte. Ltd. is David C. Devanney, which is also the founder of ThorCon Power. 

About ThorCon US, Inc. 

ThorCon US, Inc. is a business-based company in the United States, owned by the founder of ThorCon Power, that owns the intellectual property for the ThorCon TMSR500 design and is responsible for the project’s technical and engineering aspects. The CEO of ThorCon US, Inc. is Lars Jorgensen, the company’s principal designer and founder.  

Please visit www.thorconpower.com for further information. 

Our Vision

To be the leading global provider of clean and cheap energy to power the world toward
humanity sustainable future.


Management : BOD

David Devanney
Chief Executive Officer

David Devanney has a history of starting up new companies involved in a variety of areas including education, power generation, real estate development and marine transportation. His most successful venture was the founding and management of Tankship Transport which was a ship owning and operating company which managed one million deadweight tons of its own large oil tankers and another million tons of tankers for outside owners. He received a BA in philosophy from Loyola University

Bob S Effendi
Chief Operating Officer

Bob S. Effendi (57) was educated as a computer engineer in the USA and since 1992 He has worked as an engineer in the energy sector for more than 25 years, ranging from oil/gas services to coal mining. In 2013 started carrier as independent consultant in clean energy and proponent of nuclear energy. In 2015 He become Thorcon Chief Representative in Indonesia proposing to build a 500 MW Thorium Molten Salt Reactor Power Plant. In 2017 He was a member of the energy working group in The National Committee of Economic and Industries (KEIN) which has put nuclear power as priority agenda to push to the government, which now has gain momentum and traction with the government thus resulting Thorcon receiving recommendation from the Government of Indonesia to prepare for Implementation of TMSR500 project through several studies which could result making Thorcon TMSR500 project a national priority program in 2022. In 2021 He was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of PT Thorcon Power Indonesia.

Niels Berger
Chief Finance Officer

Niels has 25 years of experience managing companies in the shipping and insurance industries. Business and Accounting Degrees from University of Gothenburg.

Tagor Malam Sembiring
Nuclear Safety Senior Manager

Worked in BATAN for 28 years since 1993. He received his Bachelor from Nuclear Engineering of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. His research focused on the reactor physics, reactor technology and reactor safety for research reactors, LWR, HTGR and MSR.  As a principal researcher, some of his works have been published in the high-quality journals as well as the computer codes for reactor safety analysis has been developed. Now he is as a nuclear safety senior manager in PT ThorCon Power Indonesia. He is responsible for activities related to the consultations on preparation for the licensing process (CPLP), the fuel laboratory at ITB, feasibility studies and also ecological studies.

Elvira F. Tanjung
Engineering & Thermal
Hydroulic Junior Manager

Received her Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kyungpook National University, South Korea, and has two Masters in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering from Kyung Hee University and Gyeongsang National University South Korea,  respectively. She is interested in Thermal Hydraulics System, Heat and Mass Transfer as her latest research area was Critical Heat Flux of Ocean Nuclear Power Plant. 

Zahra Nadhila Saraswati
GA & Legal
Junior Manager

Educated in Law degree from University of Indonesia in 2019. Zahra joined ThorCon since 2019 as Legal & Administration. Zahra previously was also responsible in Media Relations in ThorCon and engaged with some youth nuclear communities to running some projects.

Alika Rahmayanti
Finance & HR
Junior Manager

Educated in Business Administration degree from University of Indonesia in 2015. Alika has been working as an Finance,Accounting and Human Resources for total more than 6 years with a different sector of company and she joined ThorCon as Finance and Accounting Consultant in 2021

Widia Nugraha
Coastal Engineering Junior Manager

Graduated from Ocean Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology for Bachelor and Master degrees. More than ten years of experience in Coastal Engineering projects (survey, design and preparation of tender documents) for clients from the government and private sectors, national and international.

Dinta Amalina Sulthoni
Media & Public Relation

Educated as Public Relations, Communication Science from University of Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta. Dinta has been working as Marketing Communication and Social Media Specialist for more than 3 years. She joined ThorCon since 2021 as Media and Public Relation.

Agnafan Julian Fortin
Associate Nuclear Engineer Staff

Educated in Nuclear Engineering and earned a bachelor’s degree from Universitas Gadjah Mada in 2020. Nafan joined ThorCon since 2021 as Associate Nuclear Engineer. Has participated in several projects such as the determination of prospective site locations and preliminary surveys. Also responsible for working on the young nuclear community

Lee Youri Mikhaelia
Associate Nuclear Engineer Staff

Graduated as bachelor of sciences in physics with specialization in nuclear and radiation from Sebelas Maret University in 2020. Youri joined ThorCon in 2021 as an intern and have responsibity related to the preparation for licensing process.

Andika Ardiansah
Associate Engineer Staff

Andika Ardiansah has formal education in Metallurgical Engineering ITB for four years and passed on 16 June 2021. The research that has been carried out has focusing on extractive metallurgy of high temperature and removal of impurities on solar-grade silicon. Andika joined as an intern at PT. Thorcon Power Indonesia since 29 July 2021.

Kirana Dinda Tiara

Kirana was a secretary at the IT company in 2020. Then, she worked for the staff of the President of Republic Indonesia in 2021. She graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Communication. She was chosen as one of the best graduates at the faculty (Cum Laude).

Erridian Rosnata
Branch Manager

Erridian Rosnata graduated from Trisakti University majoring in Economics. Has experience in finance for more than 10 years. He is also one of the successful entrepreneurs in Bangka Belitung. Erridian joined Thorcon in 2022 as head of the Bangka branch office and has responsibility for government relations and narrating nuclear energy for both the government and the surrounding community. To advance Bangka Belitung in the field of technology-based industries, as the son of the region, he strongly supports the construction of PLTT in Bangka Belitung.

Aliefia Noor
Branch Officer

Aliefia Noor is the 1st best graduate from the University of Bangka Belitung on March 31, 2021. coming from the physics department. Aliefia joined Thorcon in 2021 as a project member of the 1st Nuclear Festival project and officially joined as an employee in 2022. Aliefia previously was also responsible for being an officer at the Bangka branch office and narrating about nuclear energy to students, the people of Bangka, and also the Indonesia Nuclear Youth Society (INYS).

Hafizh Akbar
Branch Officer

Hafizh Akbar graduated from Yogyakarta State University with majoring in Electrical Engineering Education. He was the chairman of the Indonesian nuclear youth organization and was known as an activist in the student movement. With various experiences in the social field and involvement in many electrical energy projects, now he joined Thorcon with work related to narrating nuclear energy to students and the general public. In addition, he is also responsible for the nuclear community, namely the Indonesia Nuclear Youth Society (INYS).

Muhammad Hazar Habib
Branch Officer

Muhammad Hazar Habib graduated from the Open University in communication on 17 October 2021. Habib Joined ThorCon in 2022 as Bangka Branch Officer. Habib has good relations with the Government of Bangka Belitung. Also responsible for relations with the existing government in Bangka Belitung so that all agendas from the Central ThorCon and ThorCon Bangka branches run well and socialize with the surrounding community.

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