Molten Salt Lab

We aim to be the forerunner in innovation and establish strategic partnerships with Institut Teknologi Bandung to build a Molten Fuel Salt Purification Laboratory.

Mr. Bob S. Effendi (COO of ThorCon Power Indonesia) and Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah (Rector of ITB) signed the MoU on July 2021.

Mr. Bob S. Effendi (COO of ThorCon Power Indonesia) and Prof. I Gede Wenten (Vice Rector for Research and Innovation of ITB) signed the contract on July 2022.

Peta ITB Jatinangor

Established at the esteemed ITB Jatinangor, this laboratory spanning a 600 sqm will serve as the incubator for the center of excellence in molten fuel salt technology in Asia. This project will be periodically upscaled to a capacity of 50 tons per batch by 2028, with the governmental entities and state-owned companies as potential stakeholders.

This project is a paragon of collaborative innovation. It is a tangible evidence of the triple-helix program, fostering a harmonious synergy between industry, academia, and government.

ThorCon prides itself on maintaining the utmost safety standards, even at the laboratory level. ThorCon use multiple physical barriers, not to mention high-level safety and security instruments.

Glovebox Design
Laboratory Container Design
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